Glam Up your bathroom on a budget

Glam Up your bathroom on a budget


The smaller room of your house, and still... the most important one! We come here a few times a day, take our long baths or showers here, we even contemplate our lives here!

So what do we do when we don't like it in here anymore? This is always a tough question because we can't go around moving everything from right to left because the space is too small.

But there are always solutions! We thought about it and managed to came up with a few so we can help a friend in need!

1. Think about changing the Lighting in your bathroom

Talking of artificial light, you can always choose to change your old source of lighting with a new, more stylish one. Either on the wall, above the mirror or on the ceiling, this will surely change the look of your bathroom.

More than that, a simple wall light will give you an added boost when applying makeup, shaving or doing those close-up things.

2. Glam it up by adding a Imposing Mirror

There are a whole range of mirrors today that you can easily choose from. Either you want a round one ore a rectangular one, with gold frame or frameless, simple or with a cabinet for more storage.

Or you can always choose more in one - a glamorous mirror with built-on lighting system. This types of mirrors are also budget friendly because most of them use Energy Light Bulbs that will not make your light bills burn like crazy and are made of eco friendly materials!

3. Change up your Shower Curtain

Last but not least, the small details matter - always!

Think about changing your bathroom accessories, like the shower curtain, the carpet or even the soap holder. These will instantly offer a fresh new look and without even having to spend too much money.