How to choose your bathroom lighting

How to choose your bathroom lighting
The process of choosing lighting for a bathroom design can be overwhelming.

To determine the best approach, we asked some of our specialists to share their top pointers for outfitting a bathroom with light fixtures.

Consider a led mirror

Led bathroom mirrors are one of the best lighting options for a bathroom. Whether as the only source a light or a complementary one, it gives your bathroom an instant luxury look, while offering a clear reflection & ambience.
As a second option you can always relate on Side-Mounted Sconces which you can use on either side of a mirror or mount onto a mirror directly with shades placed at eye-level.
Choose Brass or Chrome for Versatility
When it comes to finishes,brass and chrome are the most versatile, as they can easily complement other bath accessories.
A Fixture's Size Matters
Depending on the size and style of a bathroom, a pendant light or chandelier can make it feel palatial. The right fixture can make a statement and set the tone for the bathroom's design.